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test run forgot how to do some thing lol! [8.14.07 - 8.31pm]

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hehe posting form work lol! [4.25.06 - 7.27am]
[ mood | amused ]

happy hump day!lol well not really but i just thought i would drop in a line at work lol! hehe No fire walls lol!

hehe i did see Mr. Smell good today but sadly i am not working with him! hopfully tomorrow i gets to work with him lol!
ok let me get off here now so i can go smoke a cig and catch my plane lol!


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wow it's been a while since i have posted lol! [4.22.06 - 10.04pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

ok well i don't even know where to began on my life story over the past month and a half or so. so any ways i thought i would come and post a note or two hehe! so where shall i began? with my fan girl adventures or with my new job?

ok i will start of with the new J-O-B! i got a Job with Southwest Airlines and i have to say i fucking love it man! it was a good career choice for me! although the move to b-more has turned out to be crap but hey that's alright! i am getting by and i don't need any one! and michy ya know what i am talking about! any ways the Job with south west is great i got hired on as a ramp agent. so i will be working the ramp! i may or may not go inflight i am debating if i want to or not! but it's an option i am going to look into!

did i mention that there is alot of hotties i work with? lol! omg there is this one hottie that i have my eye on! he smells good all the time and i don't know what it is about him but damn he is just good looking lol! he isn't fine as hell sexy but he is cute! and i don't know it's just something about him that i find sexy as hell! there is this other guy who has been training me that i find good looking too! god i am soo gald i am working at a job with some hotties to look at lol!

but i don't think i am going to go there though but nothing wrong with looking at the dudes hehe!

ok well that is all for not i am tried so i am going to hit the sack i need to get up in the AM and head to the airport so i can get back to B-more for my JOb hehe! so i will be able to check in form the job on one of the puters so hehe! that's what i am going to do on monday!

so any ways until then much *gorpies and stuff*

i just hope there the puter will allow me into the site lol!

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Holy shit .... has it really been that long since i have made a post?.... [3.9.06 - 6.26pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

well shit i need to stop neglecting my damned LJ seems i havn't been here in a while ya'll mut have thought i fallin off the face of the earth lol! well folks i havn't i just have been busy as hell latly and then when i do get around to LJ i just don't feel like postin much! i mean shit i should post all i can b/c i do pay for this shit! *shakes head* but i will post more i promise hehe!

well frist order of business is i just realize that in my subject line where the date goes that the last post i did was really in feb not Jan b/c it kept the date to post i made before that one! *shakes head* i can't believe i didn't catch that lol! so well ok now on to the next order of business i should do some LJ cut here cuz i have alot to talk about!

leaving an old life and starting a new one ...Collapse )

and the oscar goes too? ...Collapse )

oh well i don't know what else to post about i am tried of typing and would hate to do a book here so i am going to go through michy's LJ and steel some MeMe that i have been meaning to do hehe!
oh and here is a link to my pics form b-more!

ok well i guess that about it for now!

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when a tragedy Stirkes it seems to .......... [1.22.06 - 2.08am]
[ mood | sad ]

well as you can see my topic is going to be a Downer today! *sigh* this is a really sad situation too! so let me tell ya what happened so ya aren't saying WTF is she talking about ? hehe! so ok well on thursday morning to young girls form my neck of the woods (they were 16) got into a fatal car wreck one of the girls died upon impact of the crash and the other girl dies some hours later at the hospital! oh by the way below is the link to the story and they have a pic of the car it was a mess.

so accroding to some young high school kids i know they said that the two girls were driving way to fast for the road conditons (they were icey) any way so i guess they were trying to pass a school bus and they were going way too fast. and lost control of the car. they skidded over an embackment and i guess the car rolled a little and then smashed into a tellephone pole! what saddens me the most is how young they were. i knew both girls b/c they would always come into the corner store i work at part time and get fountain drinks and candy and shit like that they were great girls.

and the young kids at my other job knew the girls! one of the girls was dating this kid i work with at my other job he broke up with her about a week ago cuz she cheated on him and the night before she died she told him she still loved him! and he walked away form her when she told him that. i guess he was still bitter about her cheating on him hell i don't blame him i would have done the same too. Now he is all eaten with guilt cuz he walked away from her the night before she died. so i guess he is wondering if she died thinking he hated her. i really feel sad for him ,he was good to her though treated her like a queen. but i told him don't beat your self up over this you didn't know she was going to die the next day. no one knows when one is going to die. i also told him ya need to forgive your self for that then maybe he will find some kind of peace. i know its going to be a long healing process. i also think it has affectted the whole town as well. i watched the people come in and out of the store it's like i don't know how to explain it, it's just like every one is affected by what happened weather they knew the girls or not. it's like the whole demoner of the people has changed i know i for am affected by what has happened. i feel for the familes i feel for the girls i just hope they didn't feel any pain when they died. and i think about what i would do if that was my child! i personally couldn't tell ya what i would do. i know i most likely would be hystrical and most likely they would have to sedate me! i also think about what if they left 2 secs later then they did would they still be alive? also the police said the girls weren't were there seat beats i also think to my self well if they put there seat blets on would they still be alive or would the out come have been the same?. it's a shame we can't go back in time and correct our wrongs! but we can't and i just wanted to post my feelings about this is all i don't mean to be a downer but it does sadden me alot about these girls.

i also want to say that stupidity does kill! i am not saying these girls were dumb. i don't think they woke up and said well i think i going to out and crash my car and die ,but thing they did in genral was stupid passing school bus at a high rate of speed in a no pass zone! *shakes head* oh did i mention that they crashed right in fornt of the school bus! yeah this one kid who i work with told me that he saw the driver take her last breath right in fornt of him he also said when the car they were driving finally stoped the driver was hanging out of the car. god if i had seen that i don't know what i would have done that image would hunt me for the rest of my life man! so any ways just take a care and tell your loved ones ya love them even if you are fighting with them and shit. cuz ya don't want your last words to some one to be hateful ones. and this tragedy really makes me stop and think to be greatful for what i have. b/c i was having one of those days where i wish i didn't have a child. now don't get me wrong i do not regret having her but some times i get depressed and shit and think sometimes i wish i didn't have a child. and then this horrbile tragedy happens and makes ya greatful for what ya have. i know i shouldn't think that way about my kid. feel horrble after i think that. i know i know i am a bad mother for thinking that sometimes. but rasing a child on your own isn't easy! but i don't regret it one bit though!
ok enough of this downer stuff and crap about me being a bad mother. i just wanted to get all these feelings out is all! soo any ways i ask you my friends to keep these girls and there families in your prayers and thoughts!

thanks *HUGS* and GROPIES* next post will be a much happier one i promise hehe!


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GOOOOOOO STEELERS................ [1.22.06 - 2.08am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Yeah Baby go steelers hehe! sorry i had to get that out! my team is going to win today and head to the super bowl! no doubt about it!

i think it would be great to see pitts go to the SB only b/c it's bettis's last year with the team and i would love to seem him go out with a Bang so to speak!

so yeah baby go steelers and stomp the shit out of Denver!! *VBG*

ok now i am off to bed! *sigh* wish i could be home to watch the game but i have to work! *POUTS*

oh and i will update my LJ some more tomorrow too! hehe!

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quick note on the GG ... hehe! [1.17.06 - 1.29am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok i just want to state that i am kicking my self in the ass for missing my GG show! i am pissed iforgot about it! i am such an awards show ho!

but i will be back with my GG best and wrost dress and i will also post my thoughts and shit on the winners! and next award show is the sag awards hehe and then the oscars and the emmys hehe! ican't wait!

so any ways i am off to bed now!

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hehe stole this off kimashton [1.14.06 - 11.02pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hehe i tell ya what this is soo not me!!! ok i may like some one who is hot! but the rest is compelete shit! what ya guys think ? lol!

Which annoying fan are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

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ok i just want to share this link ........ [1.13.06 - 12.04am]
[ mood | drained ]

ok while starrwisher and were chatting tonight she shared a link with me that i thought i would share i really would love to post some thoughts on this matter but while i ponder my thoughts i thought i would share this!


i tell ya what ABC needs to get there act together! *shakes Head* that all i will say about this for now i need to ponder my thoughts for the moment and read the rest of the article i am just really tired so i am bascially putting this link here so i don't lose it lol!

but go head and share your thoughts with me on this!

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stolen form Michy and just about every one else too.. hehe! [1.12.06 - 11.49pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Make a list of 10 statements about yourself:
* 4 of the 10 statements must be lies.
* Post your list and have people guess which four are lies!

1. I had Orlando Blooms love child!

2. I have a five year old daughter

3. Lord of the rings flims are not my fav. i hates them preicousss!

4. last year i saw rick hearst at least 7 times last year.

5. i made a collage of pictures of Orlando bloom on my dresser mirror to witch i reffer to as my shrine.

6. i have lived in Hawaii

7. I am a groper and i will grope any one!

8. i was arrested once for having a dime bag of pot when i got pulled over by the police

9. I was in the US Army

10. I am Angie Jolie's lover on the side

ok i know some of the these are out right lies but i couldn't think of any thing to put lol!

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hehe ganked from starrwisher [10.25.05 - 10.08pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hehe check this out and i tell ya that is soo me! and by the way i got my fav character Snoopy! hehe!

You are Snoopy!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

speaking of snoopy charlie brown and the great pumpkin was on tonight hehe! i love charlie brown!

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How well do ya know your Shit?...... [8.22.05 - 9.05pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hehe found this most amusing thought i would share with all my friends hehe! feel free to pass it around and brighten some ones day lol!

Consider this:

You can be shit faced,
Shit out of luck,
Or have shit for brains.

With a little effort, you can get your shit together,
Find a place for your shit
Or decide to shit or get off the pot.

You can smoke shit,
Buy shit, sell shit,
Lose shit, find shit,
Forget shit,
And tell others to eat shit and die.

Some people know their shit,
While others can't tell the difference between shit and shineola.

There are lucky shits,
Dumb shits,
Crazy shits,
And sweet shits.

There is bull shit,
Horse shit
And chicken shit.

You can throw shit,
Sling shit,
Catch shit,
Shoot the shit,
Or duck when shit hits the fan.

You can give a shit
Or serve shit on a shingle.
You can find yourself in deep shit
Or be happier than a pig in shit.

Some days are colder than shit,
Some days are hotter than shit,
And some days are just plain shitty.

Some music sounds like shit,
Things can look like shit,
And there are times when you feel like shit.

You can have too much shit,
Not enough shit,
The right shit,

The wrong shit,
Or a lot of weird shit.

You can carry shit,
Have a mountain of shit,
Or find yourself up shit creek without a paddle.

Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit,
And other times you fall in a bucket of shit and come out
smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts,
It's the basic building block of creation.

And remember, once you know your shit,
You don't need to know anything else!

You could pass this along,
if you give a shit!

so i hope ya enjoyed it lol!

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Super Size ....... [8.16.05 - 11.25pm]
and now i am not talking about a guys ding dong although i wouldn't mind super sizeing orli's ted's or greg's or denzel's and any other hottie's ding dong lol!

ok let me stop being shallow and post about something else hehe! i was watching that movie Super Size Me that indie flim where the one guy Morgan something or other documents his self eating Micky D's 3 times a day for a month! i missed the begaining of it but it's comes on again on showtime west in about 25 mins so i am going to watch it again!

i will come back and edit this post after the movie of course and give my thoughts about it! but i just want to say it almost turned me off form eating micky d's lol!well it almost turned me off form eating fast food in general!

that Jerad dude who did the subway deit had a cameo on it! and i just want to say is how could he afford to eat subway every day twice a day! and was it 6 inch subs he was getting for foot long subs and what kind of subs was he getting cuz when i go i get extra mayo and all that on my sub so really mayo can load ya up with Calroies and fat then add a drink and chips oh and buy the way when i go to sub way i like to get footlong subs so that deit would cost me a bundle man lol! dude that had to be expenisve man!

so any ways back to super size me! this dude traveled all over the US eating and Micky d's all over the US and the stuff that happened to him makes ya think twice about eating fast food!

so my question to ya'll have ya seen the movie and what are your thoughts ? i am going to ask my boss at work if she has seen if not i am going to tell her to watch it! hehe! the company she is employed with Sedxo is mentioned on there and we get out food supply through them i didn't realize how big a company that is! wow! lol any ways will be back after the movie with my thoughts!
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Happy Brithday to starrwisher [8.8.05 - 9.55pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hehe ok since it's after midnight and i have the right day this time i want to wish a very gropfilled B-day to my love darling Michy! *gropies* hehe! love ya hun i hope ya have a good day and all and i might even call ya with another b-day song! *snort* LOL!

*Huggies and gropies* happy b-day!

and i will drink one for ya later today lol!

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RIP Mr Jennings ...... [8.8.05 - 12.47am]
[ mood | blah ]

ok i would like to take a few moments on my LJ to say RIP Mr Jenning and my prayers and thoughts go out to his friend and family and what not!

ok i don't think the reality of this has sunk into my head yet but i am always that way when a celeb passes away! i just can't believe it man! i mean i know the man had cancer and stuff but still man it's shocking! and now his death is all over CNN and stuff! i didn't realize how big of a new Icon he was! and i have to admit he was the only news i will/would watch lol! any way he was the only news person i liked so any ways i just want to say wow this is shocking news man! i still can't believe it lol!

and one more thing about Mr. Jennings was 67 ? wtf ? i had the man peg at 50 something shit he looked damned good for his age!

but any ways just want to send out my prayers and thought to his loved ones and friends and stuff!

so now i am moving on to somthing else while i am here the shuttle discovery is comeing home tomorrow and i hope the reentry is uneventful and they have safe return! i just worry the something will go wrong! all b/c of the frist lunach was scraped and all those malfuntions they was talking about before the lunach if ya ask that was a sign not to go up lol! so any ways my prayers and stuff are with those on the shuttle discovery for a safe return!

also i think it's time for me to quite smoking! i have been wanting for a while now and i have three packs of smokes left so i think i will quite after i am done with them! after learning that peter jennings's lung cancer was caused form smoking and was in-operable i don't think i want to have that cancer is ugly! so this maybe the wake up call i need to quit! so wish me luck guys it will be hard but i think i can do it! hehe!

ok well enough of my senseless ramblings i am getting tried so it's time for me to sign off here now hehe!

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oh how i have missed my pericousssssss LJ hehe! ..... [7.21.05 - 11.36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

ok i have much to talk about and this is my third time trying to post in my LJ about fan weekend *sigh* i will have to do that tomorrow night when i get home form wal-mart hehe!

but i just wanted to say that i had fun with my girls starrwisher ,rjforap and also to thenik and blendedmemory it was great meeting you guys and i hope we can chat more soon! hehe!!

i also just want to rant a bit and then i am going to head of here but um yeah i was telling my dad i want to get my youngin in to child acting/modeling he went ape shit one me about that *rme* fuck him she is my child and i will do as i please with her lol! it's not like i am going to force her into this shit if she tells me she doesnt' want to do it then fine with me ya know! but she likes her picture being taken and shit so i thought it would be fun for her to do! so he says he will take me to court over that! yeah ok dad i would like to see ya try and i know a judge would look at him and say that is bullshit lol! my dad is just a fucking wacko man!

any ways moving on to another rant my culinary school is put on hold cuz i can't get the loan i need for 30,000 more dollars and i need a co-signer and my dad looked at me and told me to bascially i am on my own for that one so yeah great! yeah i told the guy on the phone my dad won't even co-sign for me a car but he will not co-sign for this! LOL! hell if i can get a 30,000 car why i can't i get this loan for school? this is just bullshit! any ways i always have a backup plan so i guess i will have to get my letter done to my congressman about getting back in the amry! and if that doesn't work i really need to figure out what to do! i know i want to ge aunisty into acting and shit but that will be her money hehe! Mommy needs a J-O-B with better pay loL!

so yeah i am on hold for school i am looking into other options though hehe so i hope they work out there is a new school that opened up in cali and i am going to have my boss look at the website and see what she thinks! and i trust her opinoin so i will see what she has to say hehe!

oh and thenik and blendedmemory i friended ya guys hehe! so any ways again it was great making new friends this year just wish it was drama free like i said i have much to say on that note but will do it tomorrow hehe! so i am off here now! oh how i have missed my LJ LOL!

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EEEEEEKKK how cute is Kelly ? and how hot was she tonight? [7.6.05 - 10.04pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hehe ok well as ya know here on the east cost dancing with the stars has Aired and my girl Kelly won! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk! ! I knew with out a fucking doubt that kelly would win this thing! she was fucking awsome tonight!!

here frist dance of the night was the dance she did the Janet Jackson move lol! this time she was able to complete it with out doing a Janet lol! i thought she did it very well the guys Judges thought she did great as well! but the female judge wasn't impressed hey what's new right? lol! any ways John came out frist and did his dance as well and i thought he did great also he looked like he was having soo much fun out there! then after one of many commercail breaks they let John and Kelly and there partners do a free style dance and John of course looked like he was having soo much fun one of the male judges told him something about his hips and it was funny as hell!

then kelly came out and below them away! the judges gave her 30 points for her free style dance and i thought it was Hawt sexy and all that lol! she is too cute! and when she got those last scores i think she really wanted to cry. i have to say i can not wait to meet Kelly she seems like such a total sweet heart i have been a fan of hers since PC hehe! loved her better as Livvie but i know am liking her as sam! and i wonder if she will bring her torphy form DWTS to her event that would be soo cool to see that up close and personal hehe!! and ooooooo Alec her hottie of a dance partnetr *sigh* has a tattoo of a panther on his back and that is the tat i almost got but change my mind and got the panther head in stead hehe! but i am soo gald kelly won i turely and honestly believe that she dersved to win and i know when i go to work tomorrow i will never here the end of how she won b/c she has a big fan base! fuck that Kelly worked hard to win this thing! she went form being Ripp apart buy those judges to earning there respect! and i am soo proud of her! hehe!

and the expresstion on her face was fucking priceless when Kelly won! she seriously was going to try she was trying really hard not too! she said this may sound corny but said she was always the underdog and stuff and never won any thing before! and i too am an underdog cuz i never win any thing lol!

but i guess that's enough about that hope i made some sense here hehe!

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I am telling ya you don't want to fuck with me man ..... [6.27.05 - 9.41pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so ok well fucking dude god damned e-mailed me this morning after reading my LJ! like i give a fuck really! so here is the fucking e-mail form fuck head! i tell ya you don't want to fucking piss with me damn it!

You know I wasn't going to lower my standards down to your back stabbing size, but its time for me to give you a wake up call and to give you something that you can post to everyone on your live fucking journal...Be a fucking grown adult and quit pretending to be the fake person that now I know you are! Maybe one day you'll find happiness outside of your dream world of soaps and chat lines to fucking do something positive we/ your life instead of making others believe that your friendship all along was just used for a ride and money! - see what your soon going to understand is that you fucked the person this time. I treated you w/ the upmost fucking respect and what I got in return is what others had told me from the get go and now still kinda Shocking but now knowing that you will always be the one that has nothing better to do w/ your time except waste it away, so go ahead make your fucking phone call to Doug and tell him all the lies and bullshit that he's already read in journal and I copied and pasted some of our conversations when you were being all nice and sweet and understanding and can't wait to see me bullshit and you know yes family will always be family but now you know they see the side that would be blinding to anyone who just tried to be someone that truly are about you and was excited about meeting you, but your heartless life gave you away and to wrap this journal up into a page that is perfectly fucking clear...you don't have to worry about "DUDE #1" any fucking more after this so go to your life that I want no part of!

to witch i replied .....
ok frist of if you think i am a fucking back stabber then i don't fucking give a shit! also i don't want you fucking dragging doug into this and making him take sides that is bullshit i just wrote to tell him to stay out of this and the only reason i wanted to talk to him is b/c it was personal about somethings i wanted to get off my chest! and if ya don't beleive me then i don't fucking give a shit!

and hey try this shit on for size you wanted to know some fucking things about this back stabbing BITCH there here ya go frist of all just remeber i am the biggest bitch you will ever fucking meet! sec of all don't know if doug told ya this or Not but I DO NOT DATE WHITE BOYS I LIKE EM BLACK and the BLACKER THE FUCKING BETTER! never been attracted to white boys and don't think i ever will be! oh and one more thing if ya want honesty then i will give to ya only reason i ask doug to give me a hook up is b/c i wanted to get fucking laid plain and simple!

any way if ya think i fucking live in a dream world then fuck you i like what the fuck i like and i am not going to stop living in that so called dream world! and i am doing something with my life and i am very happy with it at the fucking moment!

and another thing i don't give a shit if ya ever speak to me again! i was actually going to talk to you about things thing that was on my mind about you but i didn't know how to broch the subject but oh fucking well i won't lose any sleep over it! and if ya think i am cold hearted bitch then so fucking be it b/c i don't give a shit! then one thing i will not tolorate is you trying to put doug in the middle of this and he has nothing to do with it! so i don't give a shit who you fucking bad mouth me too just don't fucking do it to doug and i won't bad mouth you to doug as well!

so any way fuck you!

so really I don't need this fucking Drama i just hope dude remebers what i told him I am the biggest Bitch he will ever meet and can kiss my fucking ass big time!

also i feel fuckeahd is pitting doug against me i don't play that shit ya gots a problem with me then come to me about it don't fucking drag doug into this fucking bullshit i will not tolorate that fucking shit! Doug has nothing to do with what is going on between me and fuck head so tonight i wrote doug a fucking book of an e-mail to tell him every thing and how i feel and shit and told him every thing i said even told doug i don't like his wife hell i told doug that a long time ago! i just hope doug is man enough to talk to me about my e-mail or at least respond to me saying he doesn't want to talk to me! and i don't like making him choose sides so i made that point fucking clear point blank!

and fuckhead wants honsety then i will give his fucking ass honesty! i am gald i am going to cali and will be able to spend my trip with my girls and if i see doug then i see him if not oh fucking well lol!

and i tell ya what i am not going to loose any fucking sleep over this that is for sure!

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yup it's that time again this meme was stolen for sajazz [6.25.05 - 10.46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yup it's meme time again cuz i am bored then i must go to bed lol *sigh* gots to work at 5 am in the morning lol!

meme againCollapse )

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Stole the form starrwisher [6.25.05 - 1.40am]
[ mood | amused ]

Directions: List 10 celebrities that you find attractive, then tag 5 of your friends.
1 - Orlando Bloom
2 - Denzel washington
3 - Brad Pitt
4 - Shermar Moore
5 - Naveen Andrews
6 - M'Fundo Morrison
7 - Ted King
8 - Angelina Jolie
9 - Charlize Theron
10 - Tamara Braun and Vanessa Marcil

sorry number tend i had a two way tie lol! and yes on all four of those woman I do have a girl crush on them and i am not ashamed to admit that hehe!

so i am not tagging any one but feel free to steal this meme! hehe!

and tomorrow i will be back with an update *sigh* was with out net service so i have much to rant about and talk about hehe!

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